Disruptive Technology driving innovation

Our belief

We believe that infrastructure is no longer just about bricks and mortar, and that the pace of technological change means that historical assumptions on usage and growth need to be regularly refreshed. As a result, at Wren House, we believe that we need to be continually thinking about the impact of disruptive technology and innovation on existing and future investment opportunities.

We are continually seeking new ideas; ideas that might break the business models of our existing portfolio companies, ideas that might help or accelerate the delivery of their ambition, or indeed, ideas that we believe will lead to the infrastructure opportunity of the future. We do this by engaging with leading thinkers around the world including; advisors, academics, entrepreneurs, government bodies, and seeking ways to find and partner with the innovators of the future.

We also seek to ensure that the companies we invest in have the capability (people, processes and systems) to identify disruptive technology and the impact it may have on their business model, and to deploy relevant innovative ideas and approaches for the benefit of their customers, employees and ultimately investors.

While ‘disruptive technology’ is a popular buzzword today, not only do we believe that it is here to stay, but we believe that it is great for our portfolio companies and for the sector as a whole. Being thoughtful about the impact and opportunities that disruptive technology will bring helps to deliver our ultimate aim, and that is sustainable and profitable investments in the infrastructure sector.


There are many themes that we are following around disruptive technology and innovation – both in terms of opportunity for investment, but also opportunities for our portfolio companies. A few examples of themes we are monitoring include;

Our approach

At Wren House, we are continually gathering information and ideas on disruptive technology and the likely impact on our sector. We do this by regularly communicating with technology innovators, through relationships developed with academics, by working with trusted advisors, through deep relationships with experienced non-executive directors and by leveraging insights from our portfolio companies.

We use this information to identify potential emerging opportunities, both for investments and for partnerships with our portfolio companies. The pace of technological change is so great that the historical model of acquiring small start-ups is giving way to a model of partnerships and collaboration to enable increased agility. A key element of our asset management strategy is to support our portfolio companies through the identification and introduction of emerging technologies.

As part of our pre-deal screening process, we will consider the potential implications of disruptive technology on a company’s business model to determine any potential threats to the sustainability of the plan. If we believe that the risks can be mitigated, we will incorporate actions associated with them into our 100 day planning process.

Beyond this, we have integrated the assessment of the impact of disruptive technology into our Asset Management approach. This is a key part of the Business Planning process. We work with our portfolio companies to identify and ‘future proof’ their business models by understanding emerging trends. In parallel, we also ensure that they have the capability required to prepare for the future, and access to the delivery partners who can work with them to deliver the required changes.

We work extensively with many partners as part of our Asset Management approach including; key academic institutions, strategic advisors, technology providers and government organisations. This will enable us to be best placed to identify early opportunities for investment in, or in support of, our portfolio companies, keeping innovation through disruptive technology at the heart of our approach.

Innovation through Technology